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We believe our goods are meaningful because of the thoughtfulness of the people behind them

Reclaimed Britain are makers of reclaimed furniture, we pride ourselves on making the quality bespoke furniture to suit your home all of our products are re-made in Britain. We think that it's time Britain starts making things again and support our own country. We also feel that recycling is important and if we see something that has potential we can make it better and give it a second chance..

I started out work as a graphic designer which I really enjoyed when I was younger, in the summer months I did some work as a builder and realised I had great satisfaction and enjoyment from building things. I have been building things ever since and I suppose a natural progression for me was to merge the two things I feel I am good at and try and make something special. Something that I would enjoy or be happy to see or use in my own home.

I am constantly coming up with new ideas and designs and trying to build a nice collection for people to have in their own home. Whether it is upcycled furniture, pallet furniture or steampunk style furniture. I enjoy just trying to make something good out of nothing.

If you have anything custom you would like me to make please feel free to ask me to build it. 

Please feel free to contact us or visit us at our workshop at the address below:

Oak Cottage, Llandevaud,

Newport, Gwent,

NP18 2AF




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